Installing Sprint-Boot-Cli the old fashioned way

If your doing Spring Boot development you will probably stumble upon the need or desire to have Spring-Boot-Cli on your dev machine. The recommended way to install is from SDKMAN, Brew or Macports. I'm generally someone who doesn't like software managers on my dev machine. So I took the 'old fashioned' approach. Instead I downloaded spring-boot-cli from Spring. I placed the downloaded *.gz file into my development folder (/Users//development) on my Mac OS X. I extracted the file and then set the spring boot cli bin directory into my path.

$ gunzip spring-boot-cli-2.0.0.RELEASE-bin.tar.gz
$ tar -xvf spring-boot-cli-2.0.0.RELEASE-bin.tar
$ vi ~/.profile

Added the following under vi to my .profile

#Adding SPRING BOOT CLI home
export SPRING_BOOT_CLI_HOME=/Users/mrizzo/development/spring-2.0.0-RELEASE

Then add into your existing PATH declaration ${SPRING_BOOT_CLI_HOME}/bin, e.x.:

export PATH

Reset your environment and then test that spring boot cli is now in your path

$ spring --version

You should get a response like

Spring CLI v2.0.0.RELEASE

Now you have Spring Boot CLI up and running on your machine.